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Marketing in this day and age has become very competitive and a good website surely comes in handy when and if properly setup and positioned to target the right market.

We always have the latest marketing techniques in mind whenever we embark on a website design project.

A good website should be responsive to mobile devices so that the display keeps customers coming in instead of being repelled away by a distorted design or one that isn’t easy to navigate and easily locate whatever they are looking for.

At Nedcorp Technologies, we have expertise that goes back over 10 years and because of that we hold the quality of our work in the highest regard.

We pay full attention to detail on every project we undertake and we are flexible enough to make any changes at any time as may be desired by our clients.

We have designed over 60 websites mainly for Tour Companies, Small Businesses and Organisations.

Tour Company Websites.

Every tour company requires a website that can easily be found by tourists from around the world among the many websites available online. With our vast expertise in the tourism industry, we are prepared to revamp your old website to world class standards or to set you up with a brand new one that is well optimised to out-perform the competition in every level.

Business Websites.

Business websites should be about bringing in more customers and increasing sales. This is where we come in.Contact us today and let us set up an online home for your business using the latest and most effective web development techniques watch your business grow.

Websites for Organisations.

Organisations need to widen their visibility and a great website is certainly the best way to do it. Nedcorp is exactly who you need to contact to have a professional website set up for your organisation. We pay full attention to detail and though we may give advice here and there, we follow your preference with adherence to every detail.


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